Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Sashays

Up the mountain. A growing sense of color rises in the tree tops.

The roadside vegetable garden hangs on, looking a little tattered around the edges. There is an on going mental struggle over tidiness. My former maintenance gardener self would like to see a few things mowed, some crisper edges and a touch of dead heading. The new wild man in me doesn't want to mess with the wildflowers doing their thing. The wild mountain grows faster and stronger than any time or desire I may possess to assert more control. I have plenty of other things to do.

Dendranthema morifolium or Dendranthema X grandiflorum retains the name Chrysanthemum as a common name. This one, a gift from the Fairegarden has such a unique color. It could be called Autumn Pink. The buds have an orange cast and the blooms open an odd tone of light pink.

It certainly qualifies as low mounding color and texture and appears to like it here just fine. This mum can be multiplied and moved to the sunny utility valley, where it too will sashay into fall every year.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! I think your place looks great, and those wildflowers are incredible. You are so busy right now, but once you have your cabin complete you might have more time to mow here and there and do the tidy up business. Of course maybe you will decide that you like it just as it is! :))
I love the chrysanthemum that Frances gave you with its gorgeous soft hue. There used to be a farm in our valley that grew mums, among other things. I haven't seen them advertise the last few years and wonder if they are still growing mums. They were beautiful! I hope you got the furnace's been cold up there in the evenings. I would have to sleep by the wood stove!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, thanks for the mention and I am a proud gardener over the way those sheffies are cooperating for you. Isn't that color perfection? Peachy pink that blends so nicely with the turning leaf colors. I love how is spreads too with no care at all. It could be happy joining the wild bunch, just like the new wild gardener. What is happening on your mountain is beyond human control, and better than anything we mere mortals could ever devise. The mix of cultivated plants gone feral planted by your wonderful parental units with the miasma that calls your mountain home is sublime. Or my new favorite word, dynamic, look for it soon at FG.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, Your place looks lovely. All natural. I love the plant that Frances gave you. I've never seen one of that color. I'm sure you will divide it & have it in different places once you have more time. Now your cabin is the most important.
Happy Day.

chuck b. said...

Do I see buckeyes on that Chrysanthemum?

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria, even with plenty of time I wonder how much "order" I will be able to impose on this mountain. The furnace is scheduled for a repairman to come have a look on Tuesday. Fortunately it has warmed up a notch.

Dynamic is certainly an appropriate word Frances. I'm loving the sheffie.

Lola I think next spring will be the time to divide the mum a bunch.

Yes indeed Chuck, the Buckeyes are liking the mum.

lisa said...

That mum is so pretty! I really like the color...does it set seeds? Would you be willing to trade for some seeds from my place?

lisa said...

Oh BTW, you can email me at mrimomma at gmail dot com if you like, I have lots of different seeds to trade! :)