Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finally Frozen

I'd have to say the gardening season is officially over.

What wasn't frozen is. What takes time to freeze will be frozen.

The weather diagnosis is for lows in the mid twenties for the next three days. It will be interesting to see how the beets, turnips, lettuce, sugar snap peas and asian greens fare. What will happen to the potatoes still in the ground? Will they get tastier or turn to mush? Soon I might even feel compelled to clean up the remnants of this years roadside vegetable garden and get it ready for another load of fresh from the trimmer's truck, wood chip mulch.

Another layer of insulation was added to the top of the Spot's abode. They seem oblivious to the cold and quite content. I spied spotlet #1 eating some kitten chow. It is time to take some of the stress of feeding off of Spot.

A pleasant two inches of snow fell from a cold and windy sky. It is visible as a snow covered mountain where there is no fall colored forest to hide it.

Now the wind can stop blowing and all will be well.


Anonymous said...

Oh, so soon. And all at once. I hope the wind ceases and the spot family are not too cold. And the humans too.


Anonymous said...

I love the chimney remnant of days gone by.

chuck b. said...

Extensively beautiful pictures. Funny, but somehow with all those colors, it doesn't look at all cold.

When I was a kid we had a dog who died from a calcium deficiency after nursing her puppies. At a young age, I internalized a deep, complex message about parents and children and have been scarred for life.

Anonymous said...

My gracious, Christopher. Your did get it. It seems so early. I like the statue but he seems so cold. I hope the spots will stay where they are warm. I know you will provide their nourishment.
It is beautiful though.
I must ask to what proximity is the old chimney to your cozy cabin? I really like it. Makes me think.

Anonymous said...

I also like the chimney. I bet you have plans for somehow incorporating it into your garden, or a path or something?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, it is looking like winter. I would be tempted to build a fire in that old chimney and invite Captain Morgan over for a mug of hot buttered rum. Mmmmmmm

Christopher C. NC said...

Frances this snow is much sooner than last years first snow on Dec. 6th. We had a touch of sleet in Nov, but no official flakes til Dec.

Hi Donna, the chimney is pretty cool. It is on my list to tidy up a bit around it.

Chuck it is cold! One of the spotlets at least is eating now. Spot herself is a major piglet. She should be fine. I was chased by a water mocassin in a lake as a wee child and to this day have a fear of creatures that live in the water, scarred for life.

Lola the chimney is located in the upper utility meadow. From my cabin it is past the roadside vegetable garden. It will always be a destination in the garden.

Bev, the chimney will be closest to the blueberry patch which is expanding next spring.

Lisa, good idea. I should tidy up the chimney so it is usable. Mainly I need to be sure its foundation is stable.

Unknown said...

What pretty pictures... I especially love the first one, of the statue dusted in snow along with her surroundings. It seems more meditative somehow.