Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Fall

I tried a new button on my camera, High ISO

Because I think the outer lens is scratched

And was looking at cameras on line

Reading about their various functions and attributes.

High ISO looks to cause a loss of clarity

Which I do not like.

But it is fall

The color is what really matters.

Just Fall.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! It looks like Fall for sure. What beauty surrounds you! Uncle Ernie is in his glory.

Anonymous said...

OMG,Christopher what can I say!!!!You & Uncle Ernie ARE in heaven. I know he likes standing in the roadside garden to just marvel at all this beauty. So much around you. I'm sure Uncle Ernie is thanking you for allowing him to stay put to enjoy all this.

Christopher C. NC said...

I think I thought this last year. Fall is by far the most colorful season up here. It is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, it is sad to see the long daylight come to an end but the colors nature is providing right now are something in which to rejoice. I agree about the sculpture site, how sad, but maybe you found some future employment in that area, a good thing. Uncle Ernie is maturing nicely, does anyone every stop and comment on his existence? And those sheffies are making me very proud. ;->

Anonymous said...

The fall color is peaking here also but your shots are surreal and beautiful. The cabin is looking quite cozy. What is your move in date? It is such an interesting change for you isn't it?

Christopher C. NC said...

Layanee my hoped for finish time is June/July of 09.

lisa said...

I really enjoy fall as well, and your images and eye for composition make it even better! Are you adjusting better to the temperatures in NC?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa so far so good, of course it hasn't really gotten cold yet.