Saturday, October 25, 2008


A rip roaring wind preceded a much needed rain and knocked a good bit of fall right out of the trees. Fall will have to start over if it can. Now there are whispers of flakes that may come falling from the sky come Monday and Tuesday. The sky might start spitting white spots when it gets real cold, for real. No more hovering just above freezing and alleged highs of 60 degrees.

This isn't a freeze drill anymore. Any tender young things that need to come in need to be dealt with. Some things are a bit hard to get a hold of though. The new cat Spot was not pleased when she was brought inside and tried to get out through the windows. Food and good ear rubs have kept her around and with time, she will now look inside an open door.

The cold rain may have forced her paw just a bit more. Spot has spotlets. She brought them to a box I set out for her under the house, out of the wind and rain, a place for her to stay warmer and dry.

Spotlet #1 is the mellow one. It is well on its way to adjusting to petting and holding without bolting. Spotlet #2, a black and white number, is still a raging mini furball of claws, hissing and running for the hills. Its photo-op will have to come on another day.

I think there are just two spotlets?


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Cute kitty

chuck b. said...

Precious, beautiful little spotlet! Take care of them. Do we need a fundraiser to pay for spaying spot? I volunteer to take charge.

Flakes, eh? That was a quick fall. More would be nice, but I think you chronicled it well.

Christopher C. NC said...

Too cute Aunt Debbi. I want to keep them all.

Bulbarella is on it. She is already asking how many of them do we want to keep and let's check out the humane society to see what they offer in spay/neuter programs. And we'll need a cat carrier when she goes shopping.

Flakes? We shall see. One site says very light flurries, the other no mention at all.

lola said...

Cute little ones. Maybe you can keep them all. They don't take up much space.
Yeah, you just might get a few flakes. Only a light frost up where I used to be. Of course Franklin was always colder. Maybe it will get a little warmer before it gets very cold.
Those high winds can pull the leaves right off the trees.

Frances said...

Oh oh oh oh oh oh, babies! What a wonderful surprise. We do feel cats like to have at least one companion of their own kind around, don't you? How to choose, I know the laid back one suits your own very laid back self, but my heart goes out to the wild one, it must be so frightened, hope it comes around to see what a wonderful home is available to it and can trust you humans.


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! What beautiful Spots you have aquired. I wish I could have a kitty or two my way to help with the mice. They (the mice) are cute too, but definitely unwanted at my house. I might have an organization that can help with the spaying. I will see if they have a vet your way that provides the services and will email you the information. I hope after the bad weather these next few days that fall reappears in the trees that had not turned yet. Is that wishful thinking?

Kim said...

Christopher, I agree with Frances, I think you need two kitties. You need your lap warm, and you can't depend on one cat to do all that work - she will need a break now and then. The little Spotlet you photo'd is precious, and I can't wait to see the wild one. I hope there are only two, or if there are more, she brings them soon before the weather is bad.

Christopher C. NC said...

Hmm are we back to the old form of comments?

Definately I will keep two kitties. At that point, why not three?

Lola now both weather forecasts are calling for a slight chance of snow.

Frances I am sure I will be able to work my charms on the wild black and white one. It helps that Spot is fine with me when they are close by.

Siria that is why we brought Spot in the house, to catch a mouse in the living room. I had the house mouse free temporarily. I haven't been able to find there new entry. There is still a lot of green and the oaks have not turned. There will still be fall in places, just not on the ridge tops.

Kim give me a couple of days and I should be able to get the wild one on pixels. They are six to seven weeks old and should be eating soon and running around more.

At this point there can only be two spotlets. They all stay in the box at night.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Spotlets are too cute. That face on Spotlet #1 is soo darling. No wonder you want to keep them all. They are lucky kitties. Spot is a proud Momma.

Anonymous said...

Wow, being a dog person, this whole spontaneously-appearing-cat-with-babies thing is new to me. Where do they come from? If my dog got along with cats I'd probably have them too, but clearly Spot knew where to show up! (:

Here's hoping your ladder work is done before the white stuff and the departure of your contractor.

And BTW, the autumn pix are great. Since we're behind you here in the coastal plain, it's like having fall twice!