Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Electric

A light shines in the forest,

While the beginnings of a covered front porch take shape on the cozy cabin.

One small problem though, the four posts ended up all different heights and we have to make a second try to get them right. Something went awry in the measuring or the ciphering. Construction is a continuous act of problem solving.

After you're done looking at the cozy cabin, look down the open cut in the trees, the utility easement. On the right at the top of the last rise, a bright glowing light appears in the evenings on sunny days.

While I was clinging to the roof for the last week working to complete the living room roof joining the loft wall, someone else was inside stringing wires. The electric is being roughed in.

The roof meanwhile is almost done. All that is left to complete is the fastening of the four end pieces of the ridgecap that were left off to be able to lift the roof with a crane. Almost there!

I went to have a closer look at the Electric Tree when we were done figuring out we messed up the posts for the covered front porch this evening. This is closer to the tree.

It is really much more dramatic looking down the dark tunnel of the utility easement. This is zooming in all the way back from the cozy cabin. The sun hits it just right to light it up like it is plugged into the utility lines.

The rest of the forest shines too, if not quite as brightly.

An electric blue sky and cool, cold air covered the mountains for another day.

Hopefully some substantial rain is headed our way.

The two odd shaped, fixed glass windows for the loft wall were ordered and will be here next week.

Before the first snow it should be 100% dry.


chuck b. said...

"Almost done...almost there!" must be music to your ears! You're going to be dancing with joy and jumping on the couch when you move in.

Christopher C. NC said...

The roof is almost done, almost there. The cozy cabin has a ways to go before I set a couch on the cold tile floors. I will be happy happy when it is done though. An extended open house will be in order. "Now accepting over night company at Outside Clyde."

Is this a new comment box on Blogger, an upgrade? I love free stuff.

Unknown said...

It really looks like a homey little cottage already, Christopher. And I love those two "odd shaped loft windows," they add a lot of character. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, I wondered what the bright light was, what a fantastic tree. What is it? I will be very glad when your roof clinging is finished, you too it can be safely said. I like this comment look, almost as nice as wordpress. ;->


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! Your cozy cabin is really shaping up. I know you want some rain, but it looks like your weather has been cooperating for you to finish all this exterior work on your cabin before the Building Contractor leaves. That blue sky is magnificent! I love that "electric tree".

Anonymous said...

That electric tree is something - it's so bright it almost looks unreal. My favorite photo, though, is the one of the tree trunks and the colored foliage - silent, almost mysterious, beckoning you to explore.