Monday, October 27, 2008

Here It Comes

Will everything be different tomorrow?

It was a sunny, cold and windy day.

Low grey clouds moved in on the steady wind towards the end of the day.

Spot and the spotlets were introduced to their new improved house positioned out of the wind. They decided to move in around sunset when it became obvious it wasn't going to get any warmer or less windy.

Frigid fingers managed to get a couple more boards attached to the front wall of the cozy cabin that show the outline of the roof for the covered front porch.

Today it was a very cold fall.

Out on the horizon a new world is coming.

It's snowing!


Anonymous said...

Your kidding, right!!!! The colors are still brilliant. That red is something else. I love it.
The cozy cabin is continuing to look more inviting. You will love the first time staying all winter to watch the wonders of Mother Nature. To look out over the utility garden from your window will be breath taking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! Those photographs of your mountaintop today in the brilliance of fall are gorgeous. By the time you read this, you should have quite a bit of snow! My daughter is up at the house and sent us some pictures taken earlier tonight of the snow. It comes from over the mountain to the north of us, which means, it is coming from your way! She said our road and driveway is totally covered in snow, and there is already an accumulation on the roof. Your cozy cabin is snug in the woods right now! Will there be any leaves left after tonight? or is this it for the fall?! Keep warm. I'm glad Spot and the Spotlets moved into their new more sheltered home.

chuck b. said...

I'm glad you got the spotlets moved to safety.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, so glad the Spot family saw reason in the end. Frigid fingers indeed. The snow came through Kingsport and down to you. Hope you got the plants on your porch safely stashed.


Les said...

Is that chimney on your property? I visited a garden once that had an ancient chimney as the center piece of their memorable, kind of wild garden. Your photos are gorgeous as usual.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I always look forward to the first snow. It will be interesting to see if the cold makes the trees drop their leaves.

The cold and snow will make working on your cabin more difficult. You seem to be making progress. Maybe without so much garden work this winter you can get lots finsihed on the cabin.

Christopher C. NC said...

As of this morning there is about an inch of snow on the ground. The wind is still blowing and snow is still falling. It is cold!

I am amazed how warm the Spot's house is when I stick my hand in there to test it. I'd say at least 20 degrees warmer. Still I plan to add another blanket on top for more insulation today.

Yes this cold and wind does slow work on the cabin. Being inside gets us out of the wind and we took a small electric heater down there, but it is still cold inside. The rough electrical is almost done now. There are still things we can do inside to stay busy til the wind stops and the sun comes out and I can go back to the porches.

Yes Les that chimney is on our property. It is on my list to tidy up a bit around it. The soon to be expanded blueberry patch is just outside its former front door.