Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Last Day Of September At NCA

It was a good day to go to the Arboretum. A sculpture exhibit I wanted to see was still there. The weather looked to be nice. On Tuesdays it is free to get in.

Let's go.

The Muhlenbergia is blooming.

Painted poles of bamboo placed in a hedge of hibiscus, hydrangea and iochroma

Colchicums I presume.

The Metamorphosis. I think outdoor garden sculpture needs to be big. The smaller pieces were lost in this setting. I didn't even bother to take pictures. They would have worked better in more intimate garden rooms.

Bonsai Mugo Pine

Bonsai Bald Cypress

Large and airy metal, The Fan Trellis.

The quilt garden 2008

Whisper Bench

Muhlenbergia again

And again

And again with company.

Virginia Creeping up.

Two By

Bye bye.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a great vicarious tour; thanks! The muhly grass was spectacular. I have tried to grow M. capillaris twice with no luck getting it to winter over, here in zone 7a. Obviously your arboretum must be in a lower zone. Do you happen to know if this was M. capillaris or another species?
I have also read that it likes very well drained soil, and then read that it prefers wetter soil. ?????
ps how goeth the cabin? Will you be able to do any interior work this winter?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Great tour. Interesting sculpture. I like the big fan. It seems almost an illusion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! It is so nice to know you are taking some time to do some fun things in the mountains and not work, work, work! What a fabulous tour of the Arboretum! I just love the Muhly grass! It is so vibrant.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev, I'm pretty sure that is M. capillaris. Asheville is a zone 6a/b at best. I have seen it in the Waynesville area too. I've gotten mixed hardiness info too and wonder if it would grow for me at this elevation.

Lisa after the silver circular gate, the fan was my favorite too. It is so ethereal.

My building contractor returns on Friday and then it will be back to work, work, work, Siria.

It has been great to go to the Arboretum once in each season.

chuck b. said...

Great sculpture--I like all of them, especially the first one you can walk under. I need to get in to bonsai ASAP. You can sell that shit when you're old. Gotta get started NOW.

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful drive in God's country. I like the large round sculpture that looks like it has butterflies in it. Then I like the open fan. So pretty.
Thank you for sharing.
Hope your cabin is warm--46ยบ sounds a bit cool.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful place! I like the fan trellis, too--I particularly like that it's so huge, and yet you can see right through the "fan blades" because the metal is so thin. Nice.

That muhly grass is absolutely gorgeous... I SO wish that it was hardy here. *envious sigh*

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, I am sure you can grow the muhly grass, and Bev too. The secret is when it is planted and drainage. It needs lots of water for the first year, then is very drought hardy. It grows native in sandy soils along the Charleston area, but is hardy farther inland with lots of sun and good drainage. I had killed it a couple of times in NE TN. Best time for planting is spring, so the roots can get settled in way before the cold, not now, when everyone wants to plant it because it is blooming. No one even notices when it is not in bloom. You will get some, at the proper time. ;->
I have never been to the arboretum, need to give a whole day to it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher,

Please contact me, so I can add your address to my list of folks who will receive my book when it comes out. Thanks.
Ginny Stibolt