Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stalking The Wild Potato

The leaves on the ground grow thicker with each passing day, but pockets of fall are still to be found in the forest. It must take several rip roaring winds to strip the trees totally bare.

Strangely, pockets of summer still lurk in a few places. It must have germinated this spring and was determined to bloom before the time was up. The garden sighs back into the earth. It is slowly being covered in a protective blanket, hiding itself for the oncoming winter.

A protective cover for the entrance of the cozy cabin continues to take form. It too will shield the inhabitants from the full force of winter, a safe place to land in or launch into the icy world to come.

Before the first really big freeze, the kind where the ground considers solidifying, the first batch of potatoes was dug. I think I planted these around the first of August. This is the harvest from just one small section, about six starts. There are three more patches of potatoes that can be dug before the ground really gets hard. I think they will be safe there for a few more weeks.

I went after the wild thing, spotlet #2, impatient for his cooperation. I found their hiding place in a stack of lumber under the resident gardener's house where a tunnel was created beneath some sheets of plywood.

Lifting the lid and peaking in, we see one angelic puss and one that looks a bit leery.

I may upgrade their accommodations again tomorrow with a bigger box with a roof and big front door that may offer just a bit more warmth. My previous attempt was rejected and they planted themselves on the roof. Spot did not want to go inside.

Fall is headed into history, but this year I may see a light snow mixed with the late fall foliage.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher. The sky is so blue behind the cozy cabin. A very lovely dark blue. I had forgotten how pretty the sky can get in the Fall & Winter.
A gorgeous supply of spuds. They should be delicious with some sour cream, baked of course. Or yummy mashed with loads of gravy. The garden is still giving you pleasure. That's good.
You may just see some of the white stuff before too long if things keep going like they have.
Be safe.

chuck b. said...

That sounds romantic with the snow and the fall foliage.

The entrance/porch sounds nice too. I would like that. And I would like a mud room. And chickens and horses and a cow. And an outdoor shower. And a hot tub.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, the look out of the eyes of the wild spotlet looks like certain family members here. We call it *the look*, even little LTB was given us the look while still an infant. I have been known to give it too. I am in love with that kitten, hope the sweet family will reside in your accomadations until tame enough to come inside. I got a chill thinking about that cold wind that's a comin'.

(still trying to direct the public away from blogger, it continues to be a struggle)

Anonymous said...

It just gets better and better! I love your electric tree, funny it is right under those power lines....Also love that you are taking in strays.

Anonymous said...

Spotlet #2 is dear, and I hope you can tame him. And those potatoes! What a harvest, they make my mouth water. And to think you have more patches. Please let us know how good they are, and maybe I'll have to plant potatoes next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! Those potatoes are incredible! And to think you have more. What great comfort food you can make during these upcoming chilly days. Those kittens are so cute! You are so good to take them in, but they will be good companions. Have you picked some names other than Spotlet #1 and #2?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The Spotlets are darling. They will be lots of entertainment and companionship in the coming years.