Thursday, December 11, 2008


A Magnificent Act of Generosity

Go there - Ruminations from the Distant Hills


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that Christopher, a moving and uplifting story. It did remind me of you and your mountain and the loss of the hemlocks. Although nature has probably already found a replacement for them. It also reminded me of the movie Wall-E, same theme.


GULAHIYI said...

Thanks for the good word. You have some mighty faithful readers and for good reason...nice blog. I intend to be posting more tree stories. One of the reasons I enjoy Smith's "Tree Crops" is because he focused much of his attention on the Southern Appalachians, including the widespread erosion and loss of fertile farmland at the time he wrote (in the 1920s)and the potential for food production from trees that are native to the area.
Thanks again.

Christopher C. NC said...

My pleasure Gulahiyi. I have been enjoying your blog very much.