Thursday, December 4, 2008

When The Spirit Moves You

The burned out shell of a commercial building has been turned into a permanent display of a shining city on a hill. Praise His name!

It matches the giant bloody cross placed in a mound of boulders directly across the street.

A new message was painted and a nativity scene made from carved logs was installed out front recently. Today I finally stopped to take a picture.

Praise His name!


Siria said...

I noticed that nativity set that someone carved out of logs ~ I love it. Do you think it was made by one of those "chainsaw artists"?
I can't say the same for the bloody cross on the other side of the street.

Christopher C. NC said...

I wondered if the nativity set came from the chainsaw artist just past Lake Junaluska at Dellwood Rd. and the 276 intersection.

The bloody cross is rather disturbing. I need a picture of that too.

lola said...

What an ingenious way to make something out of nothing. That sure looks a lot better. The nativity set is awesome. I bet it sure catches the eye of passerby's.
Don't get the bloody cross thing. Do take a pic.
I know the intersection you mentioned. I bet it has changed a lot in the past 10 yrs.

Anonymous said...

I hope you were meaning this in a positive way--minus the negative comment on the cross. I like to think of the cross empty and clean.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola, I bet that whole road is different. It is newly paved and four lanes with a center turning lane now.

Flowergardengirl, the "chainsaw artist" is a real guy who works out in front of an old gas station carving incredible things from wood.

chuck b. said...

"Praise His name"... Obama?

I want to have those three wise men in my garden.

People do other things with abandoned buildings out here.

Christopher C. NC said...

"Praise His name"... Obama?

Not in this county Chuck. You have to go to Asheville for that.