Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ready For Inspection - Sir

The three dollar part for the electric load center arrived; a main circuit breaker lock down kit which is essentially a cheap metal bracket that prevents the 125 amp circuit breaker from popping out of the load center. After dropping a circular donut like metal clasp the size of a pea, that fits over a plastic peg the metal bracket fits on, down the tube of conduit that holds the main electric lines, taking the whole thing apart to retrieve said circular metal clasp and putting it back together, I am now ready for inspection.

Tomorrow I will have the framing and rough electrical inspection.

If all goes well then I will be able to start putting on the Hardie Plank exterior siding. It starts with all the window and corner trim boards. Then the actual siding goes on. When the weather isn't cooperating I can work inside installing most of the insulation except for the bathroom wall were the plumbing needs to go.

I am prepared for failure. When I called, the inspector man's only real question to me was, "You did the electrical yourself"? Yes we did. I think we will get some extra scrutiny.

It may be typical that they have to find some fault to make their jobs feel relevant. I have faith in the fundamental wiring layout. Maybe we used the wrong size staples or not enough of them or some such minor detail that fault will be found with. We'll see. He better not flunk my extra sturdy, above and beyond code framing.

The eye of the storm is above me. Deluge number two lasted most of the day and the snow should be on its way.

It was a good day to double then triple check the specs for the kitchen cabinets and place an order for them. What I should get in a couple of weeks are unassembled Mills Pride cabinets with the simple design Alexis door fronts in a very light Sienna Hickory. The Mills Pride line is being phased out. The closest looking thing I could find to link to online is their new Distinctions line. The Westbrook has the same door panel style, but the Sienna Hickory is a touch lighter colored and more even in the wood grain. I hope.

Imagine those cabinets with a golden clay tile floor, a dark grey countertop (not found yet) and the Inkwell glass tile back splash. I'm trying to imagine it. Hmmm.

I'm learning how to build a house one step at a time.

Next I need to learn how to get a picture of the man in the moon. A little testing tells me I need the tripod and a very fast shutter speed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! I'd say you are very ready for inspections! I'm looking forward to hearing what the inspection man has to say, but I would say he will be very impressed indeed. You have lots to be proud of.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria, I am trying not to be scared. Basically if there is something he doesn't like I fix it so he will and signs on the dotted line.

Anonymous said...

Those colors sound fantastic Christopher.
I don't see any reasons for the inspection man not to like your work. You have been precise from the beginning. She will be a beauty when she is finished to your satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

l aka lola Slip of the finger.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, have some fresh cookies made, chocolate chip. These southern men likes their cookies, and coffee to warm him, and smile sweetly, oops, no that is for me to do, how about a hearty handshake? And a smile. To fend off bribery charges, exclaim that you were doing some baking for Christmas gifts for neighbors and friends and had some extras.

I can't wait to see your kitchen choices, they sound warm and welcoming. I am in particular excited about the glass tile backsplash, we have none and our color schemes are quite similar.


Anonymous said...

Haha, I like Frances' idea, if they don't see through it! (: Our experience with inspectors is that they feel better if you act like you know what you are doing, and few are absolute sticklers. Best of luck to you and we are waiting for the answer!


lisa said...

I think the man in the moon may nearly require a filter of some sort, I need to try with my old film Olympus OM-4 and a UV filter. This shot has forever eluded me, but then I never really took the time to experiment at the right opportunity, either.