Thursday, December 25, 2008

River Road

Yes this is a river, a three mile wide or more river in places. There are no damns making lakes. It is just fairly flat in Florida.

The original house of my mother's neighbors across the street when she was a small girl. The lot can now be had for a million bucks or so.

Looking back through the ancient oaks to the house my grandfather built.

Docks on the river.

Fine houses along the river. For a long stretch, the road is between the river and the houses.

A fine dock.

River flotsam.

Docks, docks, docks.

A southern sensibility.

Bald Cypress

Stand guard over placid tea colored waters, down by the river.


susan harris said...

Love the dock especially. So where IS this?

Christopher C. NC said...

Susan, this is in Orange Park, Florida. Just south of Jacksonville and just north of Ginny Stibolt in Green Cove Springs.

lola said...

Great pics Christopher. The water is so calm it reflects the clouds & it appears the docks are floating in air. It is a warm time for us here in the down under.
When will the mountain call you back?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola, it was a pleasant 72 degrees today, a touch muggy, but fine. I head back to the beautiful cool mountains after my nephew's wedding in Daytona on the 3rd of January.

lisa said...

Honestly, the first house is my favorite. More character.

Les said...

Yes - that is a fine dock, who would want to spend anytime inside when that was accessible?

Brie said...


(fellow Rant reader here)

I grew up just south of Orange Park, in Middleburg. Now I live near downtown Jacksonville. Just thought I'd say hello! Hope you had a great time in North definitely caught us in terrific weather!