Wednesday, January 28, 2009

After The Deluge

A little cabin was dry inside

The temperature plummets
The clouds descend

Next up

The Snowdrops.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Whoooo hooooooo love those snowdrops. It is good that the CC is high and dry.

Anonymous said...

Hey I like the siding progress. I didn't realize; you have to match the "seams" (what do you call them?) across the front like you have to match the fabric repeat in curtains! Oh joy!
Nice to have it pass the roof leak test also. Onward and upward!


Anonymous said...

Love those snowdrops. Mine are blooming now. I have them in several different places.
So happy the cozy cabin passed the leak test. I knew it would.
Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Oh hooray for the snowdrops and the siding and the dry little cozy cabin. Even more cozy to not be wet.


chuck b. said...

The jonquils beat the snowdrops by a mile this year. Or should I say by a month or two.

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes the little cabin has been doing very well staying dry inside in all this rain and snow and wind. I know all the things I need to do to fix the tiny leaks. It is nice to get all these test runs before drywall goes in.

Lisa, the Snowdrops are all I got right now.

Yep Bev, the seams have to line up horizontally and all the boards need to be level to help accomplish that.

Lola Snowdrops were one of the few bulbs that would bloom reliably in Florida for my gardening ancestors.

I'm staying dry at least Frances. This has been one major wet winter.

Chuck you may end up being a mile ahead. There is next to no sign of the 10,000 daffodils yet and they were popping up like crazy last year at this time.

lisa said...

Yay for bulbs!!!