Monday, January 19, 2009

Pink Morning

Gives way

To an all white day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, it is snowing here too, our first of the season. Stay warm and have fun with the family Spot. Are you making wish lists from seed catalogs? I would be glad to send some seeds your way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! Wow...another white day. I love it when it snows (I can safely say that from a sunny and 71 degree day today) ~ but I would rather be there than here! It looks like you might have quite a few inches of accumulation over the next few days, so Frances is right, wish lists and garden planning would be a good thing!

Carol Michel said...

Yep, those red skies in the morning, never a good sign. Hopefully the snow won't last long.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

chuck b. said...

It's 80 deg F.

Christopher C. NC said...

Frances I can't believe this is your first snow so far this winter. Two out of three Spots are showing real signs of being partial indoor cats. Miss Collar, the scaredy cat of course lags behind.

It is comming down now Siria after just spitting all day Sunday.

Carol is pink better than red? It could last through tomorrow evening. S'all right.

You are always good for a chuckle Chuck.

Anonymous said...

In the pink! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It's not as cold here as it is there but I wouldn't mind being in the mtns. We had a cold spell at the end of last week--now we are to get it again starting tomorrow. It's supposed to get down to 24ยบ. Just hope I don't loose any of my plants that are starting to come up, due to very warm weather all Dec.
Stay warm--hot chocolate & those lovely seed catalogs should help.
Hope the Spots stay warm too.

Anonymous said...

Love that mountain picture - again. It would be cool to assemble an album of pictures of your mountain in various guises. Thanks for sharing that great view with us.