Monday, January 12, 2009

Yes It Was Cold

As you can see in the pictures of yesterday's informative post, the fog never lifted all day long. If that was fog. It was a battle all day between freezing and melting. A new form of solidified water floated through the air and at times it collected on the ground before vanishing just as quickly as it settled.

It was much smaller than sleet, yet bigger than the translucent, nearly invisible crystals of ice that I take to be rime in the fog. This tiny frozen matter was white and opaque. It was a new configuration to me. I feel so like an Eskimo, studying the snow.

During the night it attached itself to the trees on top of the mountains.

The seemingly standard line of rime is usually just a couple of hundred feet above my head here at the low spot on a North Carolina mountain top. Today it came a bit closer.

Yes it was as cold as it looks.

The clouds did lift and the sun came out. Around about one it was contemplating forty degrees. Time to put some trim around some windows.

All I need is the flashing above these four finished windows and I can start the actual Hardie Plank siding on two walls of the cabin. The way the weather has been going that could keep me busy for another six weeks.

OMG! I just looked at the weather diagnosis and morning lows of 7 and 8 are headed my way. Pipe Freeze Drill! Pipe Freeze Drill!

I hope y'all aren't tiring of the view. That may be all you get during a Pipe Freeze Drill!


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! Never will I tire of those gorgeous view shots! I hope your pipes and your well head don't freeze. Last month when it got down to around 6 degrees I had one pipe that froze for 2 days. Thank goodness it didn't burst. Keep those kitties warm. Do they stay in your house overnight on days like this or are they still living under the house? Weren't they scheduled to be fixed this week?

Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Siria, I take the Spots in at 8am Wednesday morning and pick them up Thursday at noon. The super cold is for Friday and Saturday. They are still living under the house in their insulated carrier, but mama Spot has been wanting to come in and staying longer each time. The spotlets often follow her inside. Crawford almost wants to be petted now. Collar is still skittish. I think it is just her nature.

I have blankets and lights for the well head, antifreeze for the shower drain trap and will remember to leave a trickle flowing in the kitchen sink. Plus I open the under sink cabinets to let the warmer air in.

Anonymous said...

Never fear, Christopher. I should never tire of the pics of those lovely mtns.
Sounds as though you are ready for that cold period. Stay warm yourself & the spots also.

Anonymous said...

No way will we tire of those shots, they are the stuff of dreams!

The deep freeze is forecast for here too, I hope they are wrong. This could be the killing frost for some of the zone pushers in my garden. I have been looking locally for some frost cloth too, but cannot find it so far.

Stay warm and with running water!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

How could you ever become weary of that view?

Anonymous said...

My crumbling home is on stilts, so freezing pipes is a regular occurrence if there are a few cold nights in a row (even though I try to wrap them). I think if my pipes freeze, it'll just give me the courage to move into the Airstream...Good luck with your pipe drill - and your place looks great! Perfect for a hermit.

bleulily said...

Hi Christopher,
I can't believe you found my blog. I wasn't expecting anybody to comment; what a nice surprise. I've been following yours for a while now along with a few others and you were one that inspired me to start one of my own. Thank you. I'm still trying to figure out my way around though; not too computer savvy.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bleulily, the best advice I got when first starting on computers was, "Don't be afraid to click the buttons. You won't break it. If it is something possibly bad the computer will warn you. "Are you sure you want to do this?"