Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slipping and Siding

A melt has commenced. All that snow from the beginning of the week is gone.

The cold wet ground down by the cozy cabin has taken on a menacing tone though. Melting snow doesn't seem to drain very well in my super well drained saprolite soil until the ground is thoroughly thawed. The wet just sits there on top and turns the ground into an oozing, sticky, slippery goo. How deep will my shoe sink in this frost heaved slime?

I was not to be deterred. There was sun or sort of sun, warm or kind of warm and dry cabin walls. I walked slowly and gingerly across a field of slippery goo to fetch pieces of the Hardie Plank siding. The siding has finally commenced.

The house of Lowes will slowly disappear and a proper looking home will emerge.

There are always those little details though. There are going to be plenty of detailed cuts needed around the top of the door and windows and at the juncture of the roof structure and front wall. The roof needs to go on and a half circle window needs to be trimmed before the siding can go on above the roof.

The next round of weather is set to commence on Tuesday. This little bit of siding makes me happy though. I can really start to see what the cozy cabin will look like. In between the weathers I'll keep at it.


lola said...

It looks terrific Christopher. That front looks so inviting.
I know what you mean by the slippery goo for soil. Nasty stuff to walk in but it will be better.
Thanks for the link to view some of the pics of Hawaii. Gorgeous.
Do take care & I hope your weather improves greatly.

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Looks good! I'll have to keep checking back to see how you're progressing. Happy Gardening (and building)

Frances said...

Oh happy day to be able to finally start the siding. It does look fabulous too. Even that little bit of sun and warmth has allowed some gardening type stuff to happen here also. A different kind of cabin fever from yours.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You go Big Guy. That little cabin is really coming alive now. The siding is giving it a great personality. Be careful in that goo.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Oh..I love that siding! It looks great and I know you must be so pleased to have gotten started on it. I have that goo ground too. It is no fun to walk in it!

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lola said...

Another interview?

Jon said...

Very cool cabin, Christopher...this is certainly a labor of love as working on it during nasty winter weather must be a challenge with a capital "C".
I'll bet you are going to really enjoy that porch drinking in those fabulous views.

Jon at Mississippi Garden

lisa said...

Your view is just gorgeous, well worth the trials of the construction journey! (IMO, and from my couch I might add! :)