Monday, January 5, 2009


After twenty years in a tropical desert where the weather was essentially the same three hundred days of the year, I am still getting used to the impact real weather has on day to day living. There is big rain a commin' to be followed by cold and snow on Wednesday. I was a little surprised to find the Snowdrops, Galanthus species already coming up on the 5th of January.

I knew the Snowdrops were early, but so soon? Blogs are great record keeping devices so I went back and looked. Last year I noticed the first sign of Daffodils on January 10th and spotted the Snowdrops on January 23rd. This warmer December just past must be encouraging them.

It seems strange, but I can expect to start seeing the beginning of 10,000 Daffodils waking up this month.

One thing I don't want to see pop up this spring are any more Spotlets. I called the Haywood Animal Welfare Alliance, HAWA today to get the info on having things fixed. I need to go in to the office, pay and make an appointment for the Spot family to be transported to Asheville for the overnight operations. I'll need to buy another animal carrier because they prefer one animal to a box, but will let the kittens go in one. Plus I want to check into kitty downers just for the ride from this mountain top to the drop off in Waynesville. I'm not good with wailing cats in moving cars.

A young Spot family plays in innocent ignorance of their upcoming fate. All I have to do is get them in carriers and dropped off by 8:30 in the morning the day of the appointment. I hope that doesn't prove to difficult.

The Spots have done fine in their outdoor, insulated cat carrier house placed out of the wind and rain and snow. (Subliminal training.) They have had longer forays inside the house smelling and exploring things, but still are not quite ready it seems to stay inside. I bet that will change with time and a good fixing.

This year I won't worry that alternating cycles of snowy cold and wet cool that poses as warmth is going to hurt the Snowdrops and Daffodils.

They know what they are doing. I am figuring it out.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The Spots are quite a lovely little group. I hope all goes well for them at the vet.

Funny how we keep on learning. Doesn't matter how old we get or how wise we think we are. There are many lessons to be learned. Keeps life interesting.

I will have to check my snowdrops tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Christopher. I was wondering what the Spot family did in your absence, glad to see that all is well. I'm with you on the wailing cat in the car thing, it is hard to concentrate. I drove a wailer from NE TN to Houston. Your snowdrops are so exciting. I planted some last fall, no sign of them yet, it has been nothing but failures to grow those here. Bulbarella did a good job, or did you plant those? Hunker down for flooding rains coming, they say five inches in just over 24 hours for us.

chuck b. said...

I think the meowing kittens in the car carrier are cute. They say it's beneficial to take them with you on short trips so they get more relaxed in the carrier. We talk about doing that but we never have.

I'm not at all surprised you have bulb activity, especially the Galanthus. The true mediterranean daffodils have already bloomed in California. Alas, I don't have any.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the Spotlets are fairing well. They will calm down after their ordeal at the vets.
Christopher, does your snowdrops have a green dot on each petal? And does the bloom {looking like a bell} hang downward? I brought some back from N.C. & they have bloomed every year. A couple of them are trying to come up now. I have taken some of them & spread them around to other places. I really like those little blooms.
Do take care as the coming weather doesn't sound good.

Mary said...

I'm just wondering about the Spot family...they generally are not supposed to eat or drink for at least several hours before you take them in for their surgery. You probably already know that, but just in case...! I've trapped/neutered/released nearly 75cats, so it's definitely a good thing that you're doing.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa not only I am I learning how to garden in a new climate, I'm learning the construction trade during my sabbatical.

Frances I put out a 10lb+ dry food dispenser and water bowls under the drip line of the roof and washed all their house linens before I left and prayed that no raccoon would dare get close with three cats so close.

The Snowdrops are at Bulbarella's of course. Surprisingly they were one of the few bulbs that would bloom for them regularly in Florida.

Chuck your cute meowing is my nerve wracking, but then you were a vet tech for a bit and may be immune to that pitiful sound now.

Lola pictures of the Snowdrops from last year are Here.

Hi Mary. Yes no food and water after 9pm the night before. I will use that hunger to lure them into the carriers in the morning. Good for you for trapping and neutering feral cats.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! The Spot family is so cute. I cannot believe how fast those kitties have grown up. Good luck with getting them safely to the "drop off place".

Anonymous said...

Your Snowdrops are different than mine. I have the Viridapicis, Snowdrops. They have a tiny green dot on each petal. Quite strange. I love them & wish they stayed around longer.
There are several different types of Snowdrops. I would like to get some different types to see how they do. I do need to move what I have in order to keep the foot traffic off them when they are just coming up. GGS don't know how to watch where they step. lol

Unknown said...

"They know what they are doing. I am figuring it out."

Very, very, true... and words I needed to think about, unrelated to gardening, today. Thanks, Christopher. And Happy New Year!

lisa said...

Wow, I'm amazed that you're seeing bulbs already! Seems mine will be years from now almost, all snow covered as they are. Your spots are going to appreciate their fates eventually, whether they know it or not. :)

Christopher C. NC said...

You are welcome Kim and Happy New Year to you.

Lisa I spotted the faintest stirring of Daffodils and Hyacinthoides before it snowed. The Spots have an appointment next Wednesday. I bet they remember the road trip more than the surgery.