Saturday, January 10, 2009

Asheville Street Style

a photographic record of Asheville’s unique and evolving DIY fashion. Most outfits (and their wearers) are scouted and shot in the streets of downtown Asheville, though this site also includes images from fashion shows, boutiques, concerts, parties and other happenings in and around Western North Carolina.

Check it out. Do the trendy hip folk in your town dress like this?

The fashion show continues at the bottom of the linked to page by clicking "Older Posts".


Anonymous said...

Yikes. Did they come from outer space?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Heck, I live in a town that has a small University. None of these people look particularly weird to me. We have em by the dozens when school is in session.

chuck b. said...

What Lisa said.

That's a very accurate representation of what kids look like in California's college towns too. You see those looks in San Francisco's hipper neighborhoods for sure, but those people would look especially at home in Berkeley or Santa Cruz. Especially Santa Cruz. Berkeley tends to be slightly more frat-boy/jock and/or hard-core geek.

chuck b. said...

And it's exactly what I'd expect to see in Asheville, Chapel Hill, et cetera.

chuck b. said...

The hipsters in San Francisco tend to have a little bit more money (or a lot)...the thrift store look is definitely waning here.

allimarshall said...

Christopher, thanks for the blog and the link!
--Alli (of