Sunday, September 20, 2009

Berry Wet

You didn't want to see pictures of insulation did you?

Insulation is boar..ring.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Just think of how warm you will be this winter though. Love seeing the berries and the rain cloud slithering up the mountain.

Frances said...

The dogwood berries are outstanding with the early fall coloring of the leaves. Such a perfect tree for garden use. The cultivars found to be resistant to the anthracnose should be planted for the wildlife they support, 117 moths and butterflies alone. I am on a soapbox after a friend sent me the website link for a speaker she just heard, Doug Tallamy.

Of course your mountainside is textbook natives, right?


Gail said...

I never tire of your views Christopher...Keep dry. gail

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa it will be interesting to see how warm it will be in there without any heat. I have been offered a small electric wall heater that might be brought back from Florida in October.

Frances that was a powerful article with those statistics. Let's just say that half of the introduced stuff is native and it was added without removing the existing native plants. Plus only 25% of the land is actually under wild cultivation. I will say that the close to two acres in the back forty that is all the native Impatiens pallida as the understory is very low in species diversity compared to other parts of the mountain. I am really tempted to put a hurting on them to try and encourage more diversity.

Gail the cabin stays nice and dry now with all the siding on and the roof 100% finished. The flood warning we are now under until Monday night isn't a worry unless I go down the mountain and cross the rivers.

Lola said...

Oh those berries look so good on the tree. Just think how many birds & such will benefit from them.
Love the view as usual.
I would accept the offer for the heater. Power was off at our place one yr. snow on the ground {about 18"} & by 4:00 P.M. is was about 40ยบ in the house. Very cold & I knew I couldn't stay there for the night. So went to neighbors who had a wood heater. Toasty.

Anonymous said...

Doug Tallamy is a GREAT speaker; he brings this stuff to life. I have his book, "Bringing Nature Home", and it is well worth the price (even though I finagled it as a gift, haha). Hail the white oak!


Siria said...

Stay dry! This kind of weather is no fun!!! Your rain photos are still amazing.