Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crossing Paths

Three members of the Asteraceae family huddle together in their generally divergent bloom times, Ageratina altissima, Solidago roanensis and Symphyotrichum cordifolium.

Believe it or not there is a path through there that goes to the right of the Miscanthus. This is the time of year when tall heavy stalks fall over the path and you have to use your arms in a sweeping motion to open the way to pass through. Rain today did not help matters. This is also the time of year when the clothed human body becomes a very effective seed dispersal tool for hitch hiking seeds.

The scaffolding went up and the rain came down. You might wonder what it is doing on the short side of the cozy cabin where all the siding is done. I never did attach the front end of the roof's ridgecap permanently because I could not get to it easily. I did not want to put more temporary steps on through the metal roof either. With the scaffolding, now I can just lay the ladder right on the roof, climb right up there and finish the final attachment of the ridgecap. When it dries off.

A major thoroughfare with paths leading in all directions gets a little planting of Yucca filamentosa to help direct traffic and hide a potential speed bump.

The signs of a changing season grow more noticeable everyday.

Summer is not quite gone while fall pushes in.


Anonymous said...

The fall-influenced leaf is gorgeous as is the floral display. I've been tying and bracing plants left and right. This time of year, everything seems to get floppy.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What are those spots of red in the meadow shot? Are they Cardinal Flowers? You better be careful or else you will be working inside all winter. It appears that you are about to get the outside finished. I am so glad you have the scaffolding to help you finish.

Anonymous said...

Your talk of autumn reminds me of the winter to come. I just had a comforting idea; I will review all your gorgeous photos of your gorgeous mountaintop garden during the winter to remind me of what will return!


Christopher C. NC said...

Grace, there is no way I could tie up all these plants. As a habit I don't believe in plant bondage and will prune or thin if possible. Some things just flop though and there is no avoiding it.

Lisa that is the Cardinal Flower along the little stream that runs through the meadow. I could be inside all winter unless I get the urge to paint or work on rock walls.

There may be days this winter when I should do that too Bev.

Anonymous said...

Freedom to speak ? Alright, I will.

What a fabulous read you always are, Christopher. I am, however, having the hardest time not hurting my eyes doing so. White on black, ouch.
So what I do is load you in coffee cup and change the background color. (Heck, I even change the font color sometimes). I’ve read you in all shades - greens, browns, greys (grey is the new black, btw) but lately, I like you in blue. A Clyde for all seasons. How wonderful.

Nice post and great work on the cozy cabin. You’re very talented.

Lola said...

I like the color combo in the first pic. Those Cardinal Flowers sure do pop out. Nice touch. Can't worry about the flop as all that color is too attracting.
Glad you will be able to get the ridge cap done. That would be a bummer if the wind caught it just right. Arrrrg.
I hope all works out to where you can put the final attire on the Cozy Cabin. Then to the inside for a more cozy atmosphere when Mother Nature chooses to be not so nice.
I like the yucca for a determent of all that traffic.
Good ole' Crawford stays close by. Looks like he has found something of interest.
I like the present color. Just having surgery that is easier on my eyes. Too much white hurts.
Either way I enjoy reading your thoughts, feelings, dreams & accomplishments.Continue on Friend.

Gail said...

Christopher...Summer not quite being gone while fall pushes through is exactly how it feels in Nashville! The days are 85 degrees with cool night. I love the way the native asters fall every which way. Speaking of falling over~~you should see the Susans, they are practically reclining!. gail

Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Anonymous. I like that blue gray you had Outside Clyde in. Of course I have not given that much thought or even played with the template of the blog much, a combination of laziness and keeping it simple. Perhaps I'll give some other colors a whirl if it is easy.

Lola that utility meadow is not a place where concern over flopping would be mentally healthy. It is what it is. It won't be long now til the siding is done.

Gail I bet your Susans, even flopped over are still a traffic stopper on your street. This seasonal transition is being quite slow and gentle. Very nice that way.