Monday, September 7, 2009

Time For Scaffolding

Everything that can be reached,

Has been reached with the ladder.

And a lot of hanging out on top of the porch roof.

It is time to go fetch some scaffolding.

For the long drop and the last bit of siding.


Anonymous said...

Oh don't say those words, "long drop." My dad once threw a rope over the roof of a barn he was building solo, and attached one end to his tractor on the other side, and the other end to himself. But I am sure you will be fine, and it will be FINISHED! Good luck and happy finishing!


Lola said...

The Loew's house is about gone. The Cozy Cabin sure is looking good. I imagine you will paint while you have the scaffolding.
I was just wondering how do you plan to fix the area from the drive down in front of the front porch. Will you have some kind of walkway or path?

Siria said...

Great progress ~ it is looking great!

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev, compared to the ladder, the scaffolding is like walking on the ground. I can't wait to stand back and look once it is FINISHED.

Lola, yes the house of Lowes is almost gone. When the leaves fall it will be like a debutante ball to all the passing cars. The area directly in front of the front porch will be a large bed. A path will go around it down to the basement patio. You'll come off the porch onto the driveway, walk uphill a bit to the access road put in for the drain field, down that about 20 feet to a path across the slope below the planting bed that will lead down to the basement patio.

Siria, it really is looking like a more finished house now. Feels good.

Carol said...

With that chair on the porch, it does look like someone is living there already.

Lola said...

That sounds like a fantastic area. Any ideas of what kind of planting material?
Oh to be sure to get plenty of old rubber to cushion the "lookers" as they may need it when the leaves fall. It will be something marvelous to see.

Christopher C. NC said...

Carol iffin I put a warshin machine on the porch it would look real homey and lived in.

Lola that bed will evolve over time I am sure, but it will be a mix of evergreen and deciduous shrubs with perennials thrown in.

Lola said...

HAHAHAHAHA I like your warshin machine. Many do/did that very thing. My mother, bless her, used her wringer washer on the front porch. No place to put it. We only had 2 rooms & a side room. A wire was strung between 2 porch post so to "line dry" when raining. Other uses included making cottage cheese.Hang the cloth up for whey to drip from the cheese. Bored yet?
I remember when we got electricity.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola, I bet you have some stories to tell.

Lola said...

Sure do, what I can remember. Could possibly write a book. Some funny, some sad. Now is the season for memories.