Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Monsoon Puddles



Anonymous said...

Oh but I love that photo, especially in b and w. Very Japan-esque.


Frances said...

Same weather here, Christopher. I quit looking at the rain gauge and just empty it when full. Hope you were able to get the work needing the scaffolding done before it began, but fear otherwise.

Lola said...

No rain here since last weekend. We did need some sun. Still about 90ยบ out as I type.
Is the puddling in the utility meadow? I would think that is where it would collect & move on.
We do seem to get too much at times but it does have a purpose.
I remember it would dry very quickly after a rain as we were siting in a similar position to the Cozy Cabin.
I hope you have taken this weekend to relax a bit.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev that is the view from the downstairs smoking lounge where there is the tiniest bit of protection from the rain under the house. I thought B+W suited the mood of the day.

Frances this thing seems to be stuck. I need the scaffolding yet to paint the higher parts. First I have to do some caulking, but it is water soluble until dry and will just disappear in the rain. I have been busy inside insulating. I have a little more than half to go on the high part of the living room ceiling then the inside will be fully insulated. Then I have to go under the cabin and insulate the floor.

Lola the soil here is definitely well drained and dries out pretty quick. About the only place actual puddles occur is in the few spots of level ground.