Monday, September 14, 2009

West Asheville Garden Stroll - Part 2

Part 1 Here.

The Bryant and Wade garden was devoted solely to pleasure. The two truly massive oak trees on the small property may have had some part in the decision not to grow vegetables.

A shade garden that invited you outdoors to relax and stroll.

A dash of color in a difficult spot.

A touch of whimsy.

The kitchen gardens of Sunny Point Cafe were directly behind the restaurant, just off of Haywood Avenue, the main through street.

This was a very urban small farm growing food that went directly to the cafe's kitchen. This garden is one of the many projects of Farm Girl Garden Design.

The Farm Girl also shares a hand in her own neighborhood's community garden.

Growing food was just one part of this vibrant space.

A newly constructed cob oven was serving up pizza slices to the strollers.

Assemblages of the cast off detritus of civilization coalesced in the upper part of the garden. A children's play area was set up in another section, but I can only imagine how much fun this part would be for kids.

A private spot for an intimate conversation or a place to relax and watch the kids.

A small dragon peers in.

There is more garden stroll to come. It gets better.


Lola said...

I'm loving this stroll. Cute friend there peeking in.

Anonymous said...

How imaginative! Can you elaborate on "west Asheville"; is this just the west part of town or a separate town like some of those named such?


Christopher C. NC said...

Lola, this was a day well spent.

Bev, West Asheville is part of Asheville proper. It is the half west of the French Broad River that runs through the heart of the city. East-West Asheville is the part west of the river and east of interstate I-240 that cuts West Asheville into parts.