Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It Starts With One

I sent a little prayer out to the universe this spring. The cozy cabin is nearly finished. It is time for me to start work working more. I need new clients. I also opened my mouth to the clients I had and verbalized my prayer to the universe. The cabin is done. I have to start working for a living.

I was still busy building of course. No days were left unfilled, but the final inspection was in sight. I did good just to tend to the clients I had in between weathers while preparing for the last visit of the inspector man.

Client #1 arrived out of nowhere unbidden, the result of a chance meeting the first fall I was here. Those that followed also emanated from a client of Client #1's. Then a few clients began to call from the readers of this blog. I was working enough to pay my few bills and keep a supply of baked goods and food on hand, though no where near fully self supporting.

The clients I did have were asking me to work more hours and more often. With the cabin nearly done I was able to provide that. It wouldn't be enough for the mortgage I would soon be looking at so I sent a little prayer out to the universe this spring. It is time for me to start working now.

And the universe has provided me exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Three new clients joined what is now an official client list after our return from Florida. A meeting with another potential client is set for the morning. I raised my rates and I am work working five full days a week now.

I sent a little prayer out to the universe this spring and a miracle happened. For that I am filled with gratitude and an enduring sense of awe.

I won't be getting rich. I will be getting enough to live a fine life of gardening in the low spot of a North Carolina mountain top. I will have enough and I will be grateful for that.

There is one note of sadness. My father did not live to see this miracle completely unfold. He worried for me and he worried he might have to subsidize me much longer than anticipated. He had already subsidized me longer than he anticipated I am sure. Good thing I'm useful and cheap to maintain.

I worried sometimes. I acknowledged it and pushed it away. I refused to wallow in worry. My experience told me the clients would come. They always had on Maui and I never once advertised. My faith in the universe was strong. Life has always treated me fairly. In my prayer I expressed a willingness to do some PR if idle days began to appear in numbers. That has not happened. I'm not sure that is even possible with me.

The universe has provided me with what I needed when I was ready for it. How could I not feel grateful.


Siria said...

Christopher, I am so happy for you! You deserve this and more. I know you will continue to find all the work you need to keep you happy and fulfilled.

Lola said...

I agree with Siria. All will be fine & you will have more work to do. You will be so tired, but those evening strolls will help.
Wishing you all the best as you sure do deserve it & more.
You will be happy & content with all. Your own gardening will be calming for you.

Annie in Austin said...

You're so eloquent and your story is making me emotional... very cool, Christopher.


(Now the word verification is making me laugh - "clucke". Is that what a French chicken does?)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are mightly blessed.

Christopher C. NC said...

Thanks Siria. There is an ever widening circle now of people recommending me.

Lola I don't think I could get anymore tired than I am now. That's why I try to be methodical about this and not kill myself by too much work at once.

Thanks Annie. It is pretty awesome isn't it. The universe brought me here when I was needed and is providing me with what I need.

Lisa I do feel blessed and have felt that way much of my life. Even when I have been very poor I was fine. It helps of course that I don't covet or need much.

Anonymous said...

Your words today brought tears to my eyes. Somehow, I think your dad knows what you feel.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

I'm so glad for you. I believe your father does see, and he is smiling.~~Dee

Anonymous said...

I agree with those with tears in their eyes! No one could deserve this more than you. You are also blessed to be able to work at what you love, rather than toiling away at something less interesting and only garden as a 'hobby'.
I think at some level your dad knew what the eventual outcome would be. How could he not, looking at the quality of your workmanship?


Les said...

No you will not get rich. But you won't starve and you get to do what you love, your avocation being the same as your vocation. There are not many people who can say that.