Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Brief Excursion In Fluffy Snow

I made a mad dash out on a unsuccessful shopping trip to make it home just as the snow began to fall. The idea of driving in snow stills scares me.

It is a slow gentle snow. Cold enough for fluffy flakes.

It nestles inside the Flattened Oat Grass, Danthonia compressa.

It is decidedly winter as it should be, another season when the ornamental grasses prove their worth.

I don't know what the groundhog said, but we need winter to stick around for another six weeks. I don't want another spring like the last that was completely out of whack.

With some encouragement there is a brief excursion into the snowy cold. Otherwise they will just sleep all day and bounce off the walls at night.

Until it gets dark. Once the sun is completely gone, they rise from the dead, intent on going outside, even in this falling and thickening fluffy snow.


thistleandthorn said...


Lola said...

Driving in the white fluffy stuff can be intimidating. I guess I was use to it but now it would bother me.
I can relate to pets not wanting to go out in the cold. :]

Lola said...

For some reason my emotions are not working.