Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Strange Snow

I woke up to 11 degrees and ongoing snow. It began Friday evening and pretty much snowed non stop until noon today. For all that snow there wasn't much of a pile on the ground. When the sun came out it started to disappear quickly without bothering to linger above freezing for much time at all.

Maybe it wasn't really snowing that much. The wind could have just been blowing it around. It is just so odd to have so little left, in such a quick retreat after all that cold and a day and a half of falling snow.

The crocus will be back to blooming tomorrow.

The scenic byway was completely dry. Not once did I see the traffic slow down for snowy conditions. It was so cold the crystalline snows must have blown off the road like a fine dust in the wake of passing cars.

The bare brown bones of miscanthus and calamogrostis have a few short weeks left to stand. The ground is gathering warmth and beating back the snow almost as quickly as it falls. It will soon be time to sow the spring greens in the roadside vegetable garden.

This winter has arrived only as it is near time to leave.


Lola said...

Strange weather for sure. Seems late here for such cold. It got my potatoes, the tops. Meyer lemons, peach tree, 1 Tangerine all in bloom. Hope they aren't ruined for the season. Some grasses just now blooming. Need to repot the 1 blooming now.
Stay warm.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola it is too cold and windy to be outside. My little furnace does a great job keeping the cabin cozy.

Helen said...

We have been spoiled in Toronto by a few uncharacteristically snowless winters, making this winter's heavier snow feel like a heavy burden, especially now when the wait for spring seems interminable. Nice to see your cheery crocuses peeping through the snow!