Thursday, February 7, 2013

In On A Rainy Day

It started raining at noon. It started pouring a three. It hasn't stopped. I was fortunate to have an indoor project lined up and ready to go.

Behold, the finished clothes dresser and closet combo. Finished as in completely done. Next

My attempt to install the bi-fold closet doors last night failed. My rough opening was too wide and not tall enough. Some minor cosmetic surgery was needed to size my rough opening right. Good thing I had used a footer to close down the height of the opening. I was prepared for that since I knew it was a distinct possibility. That went smoothly and the bifold doors were installed. I even had time to drive to town for some nice door knobs.

I now have a bit of shelf space to spare from the former bookcase that use to hold my folded clothes. It won't take long to fill it.

Between heavy rain and melting snow, Culvert Falls began to flow. It is now on my list to make this a more attractive dry fall and stream bed with some rock work that will direct the flow in the direction I want. Every storm strong enough to turn on the falls has sent the water flowing off in a different direction. I need more precision in the direction of flow.

Miss Collar was out in the rain all day. She has a dry hideaway some where out there. The kitties were inside napping all day. That does not bode well for a quiet and peaceful night.


Lola said...

So glad that project is finished. Sorry for all the rain. we've had some here, last night & late this afternoon. Not good for best of health. Sun is better.
I got some carrots & Swiss Chard planted. Maybe more onions tomorrow. Spring is surely on it's way.

Sallysmom said...

I hope Miss Collar knows what she's doing. Your project turned out well!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola it is a nice feeling to have one more project done. The rain is normal. We get lots of rain up here.

Sallysmon she has been doing it since she was a baby. It did turn out well for a non-carpenter.

beverly said...

Love your finished project. I am jealous of your carpentry skills. How did you learn to do all that stuff; or did your dad teach you?

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev I most certainly learned a lot in the four years my dad was helping me build the cozy cabin.