Saturday, February 9, 2013

The First Crocus

A warmish sunny day had opened the first crocus of the season by the time I returned home. These early yellow ones are the first crocus of the season in the garden becoming. Tomorrow I will go have a look at the ridge top garden next door and see what is going on over there before the rains come.

I still have snowdrops that are just now coming up. Next door they may already be close to finished. There are many hundreds more snowdrops next door. Some in the shadier north facing slope could still be going.

It was a short leisurely day at work, finishing the spring cleanup for a client who likes to leave the perennials standing through the winter. With all the rain and snow we have been having and more on the way I couldn't let a sunny day go unworked. It is much easier to cut the perennials down and clean it up before the bulbs really get going. And down there they come much sooner than up here.

I managed to get a little personal gardening done by stopping for some wood chips to freshen the mulch separating the wildflower strip from the road side vegetable garden. I might have bought a few more varieties and packages of poppy seeds for sowing while I was down there too. More is good. More seeds, more chances, more flowers.

There are always momentary surprises when the bulbs first start appearing. I plant them and promptly forget what and where things were planted. I am Bulbarella's son. Oh yes I did plant some crocus here. Oh look at that. I planted a lot of crocus here.

The kitties spent the day out in the sunshine. I hope it makes for a better night than last night. Miss Collar has taught them the bad habit of smacking the window blinds to make enough noise to wake me up thinking I might let them out before dawn like their older sister. Not. Yelling is involved before I can go back to sleep.

Hopefully when they get to Miss Collar's age they will sleep through the night like she does most of the time now. I'm suspicious that they still sleep half the day away even when they are outside. Their nocturnal preference has been very hard to change.


Sallysmom said...

I love that pic with the kitty in the background. Unfortunately,
kitties operate on their own time frame. We can try to train them, but most of the time it is futile. :(

Lola said...

Wow, the yellow crocus really stands out. Glad you got some personnel gardening done. Button seems to follow you ok.

Christopher C. NC said...

It's not futile Sallysmom. The kitties have me very well trained.

Lola you can spot those yellow crocus from a long ways off.