Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Have No Idea

How many bulbs will show up out there.

Every fall for the last several years I have been handed sacks of Bulbarella's overflow from her dividing operations. I find places to plant them. She is just pretending to give them to me. I'm really just a pawn being used in her grand scheme to cover her mountain from top to bottom with bulbs. It's working.

I had forgotten about planting these crocus. It was a surprise when I spotted them. I think she actually bought a sack of bulbs to give me now that I think about it. Or was that an overflow purchase too?

The snowdrops have been here a few years now. It wouldn't hurt to help them multiply.

Today I found more crocus I had forgotten about. I remember planting all the baby liatris corms I found while weeding at a client's and putting them in this bed. Why do I forget about the bulbs?

I have no idea about a lot of what will show up out there. Many of the annual and perennial wildflowers set seed. They multiply and move about on their own. I keep adding more seeds and more perennials that can do the same. I edit out the unwanted and tend to leave the good things where they show up.

What will the garden be like this year? In this garden there will always be lots of surprises.


NellJean said...

It seems like too many when you are planting, always too few when they bloom. You always find surprises in the spring, long forgotten. It's the gardener's reward.

Lola said...

I agree with NellJean. But it's always a pleasure when they bloom.

Barry said...

I prefer the surprise over a meticulously updated map of the plantings (that's my excuse for not having one, anyway).

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These surprises are one of the many fun things that happen in the garden. I can't wait each spring to see what kind of "surprises" arise from the earth.

Jane said...

I love an unplanned garden, of sorts. Spring always surprises me and the show is wonderful. I like how your garden is coming along.