Tuesday, February 19, 2013

There Was Two Inches Of Snow

On the ground this morning.

It was a heavy wet snow that fell in the night on rip roaring winds. Next came the rain and by days end the fresh snow was pretty much gone. The rip roaring winds have continued and it was never very pleasant out there.

I went out briefly to have a look around and found some daffodils coming up that I have no recollection of planting at all. I was just eyeing this space recently wondering what I might plant there. Something that will let daffodils come through it seems. I also found some crocus I completely forget. I can see how this may become a problem as the number of bulbs multiply and the garden becoming starts to fill in. I should make a map. Right. Like that is going to happen.

There was also a strange sight I have never seen before. Something nibbled on the poisonous daffodils. The cats are all still alive and no one has been acting sick. There are plenty of green winter annuals, hardy perennials that hold some green through the winter, even green grass to chose from. Who could it have been?

The evergreen dogwood's piqued look is peaking. The leaves look burned. The stems look fine. Now I have to wonder is this what it will look like at the end of the winter by refusing to shed its leaves until spring? I'm not sure I am going to like this look. I don't think it really qualifies as winter interest. It's more like winter despair.

The beasts aren't interested in staying out in that wind for any extended time either. At least not until right before the sun goes down. That causes a major shift in perception and attitudes about the elements. All of a sudden they can't wait to get out. Their older sister has more sense and is on the opposite schedule. That is much more to my liking.

It was buried in snow this morning. It was buried in snow two days ago.

I'm thinking this spring is going to be very moody.


Les said...

Winter here has been quite moody also. It reminds me of someone I once worked with. One day you had Mary Poppins, and the next day Leona Helmsley.

Christopher C. NC said...

Now that is moody Les. I can live with rain, fog, snow, sunshine and wind as long as we stay at highs in the 50 to 60 range on the far swing and don't go heading for 80 degrees.

Lola said...

Moody weather for sure.

Christopher C. NC said...

Yep. The rain will be back on Friday.

Rebecca said...

Moody?!? Up here, it's downright bi-polar.

Well, whatever it is, it's rubbing off on me! And I don't like it.

(We ARE planning to spend some time in Bryson City & surrounds in mid-April. Hope the weather is sorted out by then.)