Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An Unexpected Day

The diagnosis was dreary so I was a bit surprised when it was such a pleasant sunny day with no wind and and a high above 50. Shocked really. Is it still going to snow?

I was home early enough and the day was so nice, a bit of chop and drop of the still standing dried stalks of the tall flower meadow seemed like a fine thing to do. I'll eventually get to the ridge top garden next door as I chop and drop in this direction.

The pretty little crocus opened again on an unexpected sunny day.

It was such a nice day we decided to go on a stroll after I had chopped and dropped the slope below the roadside vegetable garden.

Good thing we did. We saw the first anemone in bloom.

And the first daffodil to bloom.

It's a really good thing we decided to go on a stroll on such a nice day to the garden next door. All of a sudden dozens of crocus have started to bloom.

This grouping is from recent purchases over the last two or three seasons. I believe an executive decision was made to plant en masse. There was not going to be any waiting for things to multiply and fill in.

Less than a foot away, another kind crocus.

There were more Iris reticulata in bloom. I have not seen the yellow ones open yet.

And more different kind crocus.

I do have a suspicion though that a much larger patch of this variety may have been et up by some varmint. I know where they should be and all I am seeing are little seedling sprouts. Maybe they are still holding back. We are still shy on daffodils coming up. It is very early in the show.

It clouded up quickly at sunset and the temperature dropped rather fast. There is a big blob on the radar massed at the border. It will be snowing or raining in about another 20 minutes. The diagnosis says it will be doing that off and on until Sunday morning and by then the high for the day will be 35.

Good thing we went on a stroll on a beautiful, sunny and unexpected day.


Lola said...

I am so glad about your stroll. One never knows what one will see. It's all so pretty.
Stay warm.

Barry said...

How does that old aphorism go? "Count only the sunny days"