Monday, February 11, 2013

I Could Sleep All Night

If he didn't sleep all day.

I encourage and toss them out during the day, but the weathers have to be just right to keep them out. Even then outdoor visits can be of short duration with long naps inside in between.

When the sun goes down it is another matter. There is a demand to go out. Lately I have been relenting because they are bigger than an owl can lift and driving me crazy. Button stays out after dark for a couple hours before he wants back in. Dinah doesn't stay out after dark near as long. Even after, they may still be up half the night bouncing off the walls.

I could sleep all night, if they didn't sleep all day.

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Emily N. Khan said...

I have the same cat problem. The two of them sleep all day and rough-house all night. One of them fetches a hairband (she drives me crazy all day long by wanting me to flick it for her) and she'll wake me at night by putting it on my face and patting me on the face with her paw. Aaarrgh! I just want a good night of sleep! My cats don't go out but you better believe that it's crossed my mind to wake them every time I see them sleeping throughout the day...