Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Few Crocus

Work was mostly cancelled due to snow cover. More snow fell in that last round on the south side of the county than the normal routine of heavier snow along the northern Tennessee border. The north facing slope at this garden slows the melt considerably.

I was home early enough on a sunny, but cold day for a little stroll next door. I saw crocus. Not many.

A few more of the early yellow crocus had popped up.

This was a bit distressing and not something you see often. I saw about three clumps of daffodils that had essentially been frozen to death. With 10,000 daffodils it doesn't constitute a big loss. For the most part, the daffodils are still laying low. It is still winter.

Even the larger late blooming crocus are still hard to find. Overall emergence of the bulbs remains on the low side.

The cheery clump of crocus at the top of my drive were a bit tattered by their snowy ordeal, but it only takes a couple of sunny days for pollination to happen. After that the flowers will wind down.

It is a slow fitful progression towards spring.

1 comment:

Lola said...

Fitful but coming. Work will keep one so busy. We do enjoy the time off.
Lovely crocus, both colors.