Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's Still Winter

We went for a stroll to the ridge top garden to see what was happening there. Button and Dinah thought that log smelled really interesting. It makes me worry, but I suppose this is a good entry level varmint learning experience.

The only new bloom we saw was one small clump of the early yellow crocus. There were plenty of fading snowdrops. Other than that it was a slow stroll through the garden picking up the fresh crop of fallen sticks and branches. The bulbs really were not as far along as I had expected. It is still winter.

The day was young. The sun was trying to shine. The mid-40's are fine gardening weather if the wind is not blowing. I got busy with the start of the chop and drop of the remaining dead stalks of a tall flower meadow.

The roadside chicory bed got a haircut and sweeping.

But it's still winter and I could not bring myself to cut down the grasses just yet. I can get another month of winter interest out of them before they have to come down.

I'm already having second thoughts. Can I do it? Will I do it all? There are close to three acres of ground that can use a good chop and drop before the Bulbapaloozathon begins. I think I still have time.

A man and his manual hedge clippers in the wilderness, chopping down the dried remnants of a tall flower meadow before spring arrives.


Lola said...

Leisure strolls are very good as one never knows what one might find.
Button & Dinah inspecting objects, learning experience. It's good.
Love the grass. I would have trouble cutting it down also.
A lot of area to clip but it would be a labor of love.

Layanee said...

Just drop a match on those. They are away from everything else and will make quick work of this job. You did NOT hear this from me.

Cindy, MCOK said...

Christopher, I've been feeling tremendously overwhelmed by all I have to do on my corner of Katy. I'd be curled up in a corner whimpering if I had 3 acres to manage!