Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A New Garden

Let's start with pretty on a stormy day

Then move on to halfway to pretty after a couple of issues are solved. Twin Falls Pond is still giving me troubles.

River rock was added yesterday to hide all of the rubber liner.

The water is always nice and clean when I arrive. That's not the problem. I deliberately stir it up every time I am there to get the filters to collect that dirt that settled in the pond.

Dear St. Frances of the Falls, I gave you fish on Friday and on Monday there were none. You did not watch over them. I only found four bodies. What happened to the others? I gave you water and it went away. There was a traumatic loss of water over the weekend. Where did it go?

I have looked for leaks in all my connections and found none. The splash is close to zero. St. Frances, I blame the big boulder with a spring below that you sit above. Some where in the unrubber lined stretch you are letting water escape. Seal the leak or your fall with be turned off for further reflection.

I'm tired of ponds. I want to garden.

I want to play with dirt in pretty gardens.

The garden ingredients are coming into place. The white picket fence is done. The seating arbor is painted and ready for placement. Are the construction worker dudes done digging trenches through the new beds? That is the question that needs to be answered.

The shrubs and fall planted bulbs that were not stomped on or accidentally relocated during trench digging are looking great. Now the garden needs more perennials to carry it through the seasons.

It is time to fill the new garden.


Lisa Greenbow said...


Lola said...

I agree with Lisa Greenbow.

beverly said...

Yes, a good start! Water is the dickens. It does exactly what it darn well pleases. At the public garden where I volunteer there is a large and elaborate rain garden which the water flows around, not through, and on down the slope. And that was done by professionals.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa and Lola the Inn at Tranquility Farm is going to be a showplace.

Bev trying to out think water is very difficult. In this case I am stuck between a big rock I want to use in the fall and a very wet place with a spring below.