Thursday, April 16, 2015

Twice A Day

I wander slowly through the garden twice a day. It is thrilling to find something new coming up. You might say I am being a bit impatient. I want to know who is coming back now, not tomorrow.

The wild transferred trilliums have been taking their sweet time. I have finally started to spot them. They can be hard to find in the emerging cacophony of green, even when I know where to look.

A little flash of color helps. They pretty much have to be up and unfurled before I see them. It is the distinctive leaf shape that catches my eye. Then I check for reproduction. I'm seeing some of that. That thrills me too.

I'm beginning to think this rescue is a puny Showy Orchis. I will know shortly once the flowers open. It isn't anywhere near as robust as the one I transferred out of the deep forest into the garden last year, but then it was living in an abusive situation, not a fine forest.

I kind of  hope it is something different. I already have a Showy Orchis and plenty more I can visit in the deep forest. But if that is what it is, I won't boot it out of the garden.

My garden makes me happy. I even enjoy the editing for the most part.

As the time of the Lush draws near.


Layanee said...

Oh I would love to take one of these walks with you someday. It is looking quite lovely.

Christopher C. NC said...

I would love to stroll the garden with you Layanee. Anytime. Just holler.