Sunday, April 12, 2015

On A Spring Day

The experiment with 'Negrita' as a reliable repeat bloomer and multiplying tulip in a different garden begins. Is its stellar performance at Client #1's a fluke of that particular garden?

The ones that were planted in the sunny utility meadow got et up already. They still taste like tasty tulips apparently. Half of the experiment is already a failure.

We can live without tulips if need be. There is abundance in many forms every where you turn.

The PJM rhododendrons bloom a full month before all the others.

It is not unusual for them to get zapped by snow and cold. The week ahead looks good. They may finish before any rudeness like that has a chance to happen.

The late blooming daffodils pretty much saved the Bulbapaloozathon after all the others got squashed.

A different kind of anemone is now in bloom. I like how this one makes a nice thick patch. I should dig some up and transfer them.

The fancy store bought trilliums are looking good.

Celandine Poppy puts on quite the show. These came here as discards from another garden. They were discards because they self sow prolifically. Half a dozen have become many more in just two seasons. We have a lot of ground to cover so it works here.

The 'Negrita' next door evaded the bulb eating varmints. There are two chances to live long and prosper.

I did take the time for a relaxing stroll on a beautiful spring day. Plenty of chores got done too. A good bit of time was spent editing before the Lush gets going in force. I found a whole lot more Clematis virginiana to uproot.

And broken crockery was placed in the garden. I need one more big cracked pot. There are two out there now. A third one will make it feel just right.


Lola said...

I hope that rudeness don't happen. It is gorgeous.

Lisa Greenbow said...

A lovely stroll.

Christopher C. NC said...

I hope it doesn't happen either Lola. But more often than not it does.

A lovely stroll indeed Lisa. I saw the Lady Slipper poking up.