Friday, April 24, 2015

Dreamlands Two

Between work at the Inn and dealing with three bodies of pond scum, I have had to sneak in some quality tending time in the gardens at the Posh Estate. The woodland garden is coming along nicely in its second spring.

I have been applying lessons learned in a wild woodland garden to the more cultivated one, that is, edit out what I know I don't want in there and leave the rest. Interesting things show up all the time.

How cool is this? I forget what fern this is at the moment, but I liked them enough to plant some in the woodland garden at the Posh Estate.

I foraged this Clintonia, soon to find out which species, from the deep forest. I should go foraging in the forest there for the woodland garden. I feel quite certain I would find some interesting garden worthy plants.

From one dreamland to another with two cats in the yard, sometimes three.


Dana Foerster said...

The white blooms in #1 I think starts with a "T".... I'm drawing a blank! Your Phlox makes a beautiful spring banner. Is 'Cordifolia' part of #1's name?

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes Dana, that is Tiarella cordifolia.

Rebecca said...

"Dreamland" is right!

beverly said...

I love your idea of working with what you have and giving Mother Nature an assist. It may be different from what you envisioned when you first moved here, but oh how beautiful it is. I think that's the mark of a true gardener, to work with what is given. Congratulations on your success.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Way to go Chris. Looks lovely.

Christopher C. NC said...

So true Rebecca.

Bev I'd have to go back and read what I was thinking in the past to be sure, but I always knew this would be a garden on the wild side, just a bit more polished than the one next door. The native wildflowers would always be part of it, as a gardener I just wanted MORE.

Thanks Lisa. It's getting there.

Lola said...

OMG, what else can say!!!!