Thursday, April 23, 2015

While I Was In The Forest

I saw a Uvularia.

It was a Uvularia grandiflora, Large-Flowered Bellwort that wanted to come home with me. So it did. It is now safely tucked into its new home.

The forest I was in was just outside the border of the garden where the Showy Orchis was rescued. Not only did I see a Uvularia, I found a half dozen more Showy Orchis. I pointed them out to my client when requesting permission to borrow her Uvularia. She liked what she saw and marked them to know where they were and so as not to spray them dead.

This Showy Orchis is the one I moved from the deep forest up here into the garden. It is almost ready to bloom.

I have a plan. That is to fill the garden with as many of the native spring ephemerals and woodland perennial wild flowers as I can find. Editing has uncovered an astonishing array of them that were already here. Given air and some elbow room they have begun to multiply.

I assist by introducing new species of native plants that I haven't found here. Imagine walking through an undisturbed Eden brimming with botanical wonders not seen in ordinary gardens.

Last year's additions are all returning this spring. I must have good transplanting skills.

Did I just find another new species of trillium in the deep forest? The flowers are on the small side and are more upright than the Nodding Trillium. I may need to move some over to the garden.

Trillium grandiflorum is my favorite. There are thousands in the deep forest. I could always relocate more to speed things up.

The tiny Bird's Foot Violet, Viola pedata, is doing well in its new sunnier location. Damn bugs have been gnawing on it though. It needs to set seed and multiply to prove that it really likes it here.

I have a plan for the wild cultivated gardens. I'll keep adding the more interesting and showy ingredients that nature says should grow here and see what happens. It is guaranteed to cause beautiful chaos.


Sallysmom said...

Love bellwort.

Lisa Greenbow said...

We need more beautiful chaos.