Wednesday, April 22, 2015


The Posh Estate #2 will now be known as the Inn, The Inn at Tranquility Farm to be precise. The wedding gazebo is coming right along. The big sweeping bed that was across the lawn from the gazebo is no more for all intents and purposes. It has been chopped into so many pieces there isn't much of it left.

The plantings will have to be completely rethought once all the construction is done. A patio for pews in front of the wedding gazebo is yet to come.

The main entry beds have been left undisturbed for the last few weeks, thank you. I planted some roots and tubers of summer things a while back that arrived from an online order, but have been hesitant to plant other perennials. There are still too many people walking through the beds like nothing's there.

I need to do edging and a flagstone/gravel pathway around the fountain and through the beds. By then my summer things should be poking up and construction will hopefully be winding down. Then I can add more.

It isn't hard to imagine the vision of loveliness that is taking shape. The gardens at The Inn will be stunning.

Look. Fish.

There have been three plantings of fish now. The first were from the koi pond at the Posh Estate. I thought they all went make, but half were just ho'omake. So I bought a sack of feeder goldfish to test out the waters and they did just fine. Then I saw the missing fish from the first planting. They weren't all dead after all.

Then I went bold. I bought two, thirty two dolla butterfly koi. That's the two bigger fish in the middle of the picture. They have been in there since last Saturday.

All is well in the fishes world.

From one dreamland to another, such is the life I lead.

Where high on the mountain top the phlox is in full bloom.

And Magnolia 'Jane' did better than expected after a couple of hard freezes post bud swelling.

Hundreds and I do mean hundreds of Jack-in-the-Pulpits are popping up every where. In the presence of editing they have been multiplying like crazy.

Primrose line a path in the garden next door.

And the first pink deciduous azalea has started to bloom, in a dreamland.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Oooooo that mountain side is looking gorgeous. Love that dreamy photo. The posh fish pond is something I would love to have. I could even afford feeder fish. They are pretty too.

Sallysmom said...

Loving all those colors. The Inn will be truly beautiful when you have finished.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa those feeder fish can grow quite large and showy in two years. The ponds are nice to stare into and the sound is sweet, but they come in the high maintenance category. Keeping the water clear and moving requires constantly cleaning the filters.

Sallysmom I have a very strong feeling the landscaped grounds at the Inn will be expanding for the next three to five years. The 1/4 mile drive in from the road has the potential to mimic the Biltmore's drive and probably did twenty years ago.

Lola said...

Love it all. The Inn will be a wonderful place.