Friday, April 10, 2015

Turning Green

On a rainy morning the Mayapples have begun their march through the forest, fresh and green. The change is coming.

My regular visits to my favorite local independent garden center are getting more numerous. I have two big planting jobs I am currently working on.

They are kind enough to let me dispose of their broken crockery. I have scoped out a place in the garden for this.

I even bought a new Aloe brevifolia for the lonely red pot whose previous inhabitant had died. It is freakishly early, but as long as the weather cooperates, the new aloe will be living outside. It was 80 degrees yesterday at the beginning of April. That just isn't right.

The later blooming unsquashed daffodils are starting to open. I will get some bloom before the bulb show is over.

The ground turns green first. The patches of brown shrink and disappear. Then the green moves up, up into the trees.

Other colors are added along the way. The slope along the drive covered in creeping phlox is about to go neon. The change is coming.


Lola said...

Sure am glad to see things greening up.

Sallysmom said...

I planted mayapple 2 years ago. I guess I should be happy it didn't come up. Is there a way to stop it from spreading?

Christopher C. NC said...

Me too Lola.

Sallysmom it is best to learn to love Mayapple. My mother has been at war with it for 30 years and the best I can say is she keeps the amount of it reduced.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Love all that green.