Wednesday, April 29, 2015

In A Wild Garden

Fothergilla while it's here.

Will the Forget-me-nots turn invasive as hoped?

A meadow gathers color.

It will eventually look like this.

In a wild garden high on the low spot.

The fabulous pink azalea

Is not getting frozen this year.

We like when that happens.

The Lady is in the house.

Woodland phlox in a woods.

It is spring time.

With Spanish Bluebells.

In a wild garden where the Showy Orchis blooms.


Lola said...

Beauty in the wild. God knew what He was doing.

Christopher C. NC said...

And it is just getting started.

Rebecca said...

Anticipation meets the sight. So much pleasure in the unfolding wild.

Sallysmom said...

My fothergilla had a grand total of 5 blooms on it this year. Last year it looked like yours - covered in flowers. Beautiful as usual in your neck of the woods.