Thursday, April 9, 2015

Different Worlds

I was in the neighborhood and all my spare time is being given to the Posh Estates.

St. Frances of the Falls may have heard my plea/threat. The fall has been running all week with no water loss. I'm really beginning to think a big ol' bear went for a splashing vigorous swim and ate all my fish. What other explanation could there be?

Twin Falls Pond is ready for a second fish try. The water is beautifully clear. I'm going to go buy me a bag of feeder gold fish and see what happens to them over the weekend.

Back home it is a completely different kind of garden. There will never be a fish pond here. Trust me. Never.

I am quite content with the wild life and wild nature I already have. Dutchman's Breeches, Dicentra cucullaria, is spreading through my garden

One of my new acquisitions last year the Shredded Umbrella Leaf, Syneilesis aconitifolia is waking up. They look like Cousin Itt.

There are thousands of daffodils of course. Most of them are in Bulbarella's part of the wild cultivated gardens. Most of mine got squashed, though new ones are now coming into bloom.

The minor bulbs are beginning to fade away as the barren gives way to green. I go home to a very different world.


Lisa Greenbow said...

You live in two different worlds.

David - Pinewood Cottage said...

When I had fish I rang a bell at the same time each day and the fish would come to the same spot to feed. The biggest raccoon my neighbor said he ever saw put an end to that fun. I guess he was fat eating fish sticks three meals a day!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I guess that is to be expected of a peasant gardener for the well to do.

David we already have raccoon issues without a fish pond up here. I have had heron, otter, unattended children and mystery issues with the ponds I tend in client's gardens. Ponds are nice, but they are high maintenance.

Lola said...

Sure like the contents of #6 if you decide to separate. white with orange center.