Saturday, April 11, 2015

In The Neighborhood

I was in the neighborhood so I thought I'd check on the second set of baby fishes that dove into Twin Falls Pond yesterday. I also like to keep an eye on the baby garden to make sure the construction worker dudes haven't done anything horrible that needs attention.

The baby garden has some good bone structure already.

It is getting some more good bone structure. The eventual beds around the new wedding gazebo are still an unknown. I have to wait to see what decision is made about a patio for seating in front of it.

The kitchen/breakfast garden got some new evergreen plantings to help hide things and complete the space given to it. The arbor will need a base to level and anchor it in place.

Baby fishes make things happen in Twin Falls Pond. It is mysterious. The water was a bit low today. The common factor between both fish deliveries was sunshine and wind.

When I arrived I saw no fish. Last time I found the carcasses in the skimmer. I went looking and found one, but it was way more decomposed than one night. It must have been from the last batch. Then I found a big baby fish quite alive in the skimmer. That fish was bigger than the new ones I bought yesterday. Curious.

Perched quietly on the edge of the pond I saw them hiding in the river rock. There were new fish and old fish, fish I caught in the koi pond and fish I bought at the pet store.

I haven't seen much of the other baby fish in the koi pond since I went fishing. Obviously I put the Fear of Heron in them. My koi pond fish hid themselves quite well in their new pond. They didn't all die or disappear. Some of them are still alive and in the pond.

I even found a crawfish in there today. That means my water must be good. I keep stirring it up though to get more dirt into the filters.

A garden grows. Fish swim.

In my neighborhood the trilliums are coming.

The Dutchman's Breeches is in full bloom.

All kinds of trilliums are coming up now. The wild ones are a bit slower about waking than the store bought kind. Maybe they know better after millennia on this mountain.

The trilliums are coming!

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Lisa Greenbow said...

I had little fishes in my tiny birdbath pond. Racoons came and ate them. UGH... They had good places to hide in but the racoons would move the rocks and get them. Grrrr I haven't tried them again. Dutchmans breeches are blooming in my garden too.