Tuesday, April 21, 2015


One kind


Three kind, my favorite

Four kind


Maybe six kind, maybe not. It can be hard to tell

Six kind for sure.

There is a lost Painted Trillium out there so that makes seven kind for sure. Then there are a host of variations in petal size and how the bloom hangs, which may or may not mean more kind. I don't see how they can't be cross pollinating and making more kind. I'd have to pick them and pose them side by side for a closer examination in order to decide.

That's all fine and good, but what I want is for the trilliums in the garden to be as showy and plentiful as they are in the deep forest. They are multiplying. The garden is headed in that direction.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Love those white trilliums. I would love to get some going here. What a pretty picture they make.

Lola said...

Love them too. It looks great.