Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A Short Pause In Activity

I was done when I got home. There wasn't going to be a second handrail on the stairs tonight. Besides the stain was still tacky on the rail and a clear coat comes next.

Sister did get to test out the five panel redneck metal roof extension I finished installing yesterday in a short rain shower this morning. It got a thumbs up. I'll be over there when it is raining at some point and get to see it in action myself.

The best I could do was a slow amble through the gardens coming and going.

High summer is upon us. The Tall Flower Meadow is coming into bloom. The katydids sound up the night.

Fine produce is happening. We have had cucumbers, peppers and yellow squash. A sack of taters waits. The okra sulks. Eighty degree days don't cut it.  I have even moved up a notch to chopped raw vegetables in a salad with my new choppers.

It got dark as I ambled.

My natural vibration and low lighting are a bad combination for picture taking. I'm not serious enough to use a tripod. I make due.

At ten days Bulbarella is still doing quite fine with processing one new knee. The PT has finally showed up. It's time for her to kick things up a notch.

I should have some shed siding time this weekend. The compound needs to be ready by winter. Activity will resume when it resumes.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good that you can enjoy some of the fresh veggies in the fresh state. The cicadas and katydids are in full voice around here too. Nearly burst my eardrums last night.