Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Back Side

The shed siding is complete. I opted to spend the twenty bucks for another full sheet and minimize the scraps. It might be the back side, but that amount of scrap would bug me every time I took somebody behind the shed well into the future.

It is a mighty fine shed built to last. Next up is the corner trim. That will help hide the not so square walls a bit more I hope.

An Aralia relative lives in the woods below.

Out in the sunshine the Tall Flower Meadow has started to show.

Clematis stans self sows.

The week has been hot and sunny with little rain.

The okra has begun to stir.

The katydids are at full volume in the dark of the night.

The roadside hibiscus blooms.

Helianthus and ironweed.

Echinops bannaticus

Ironweed that is ten feet tall.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden shed is coming around now. I hope you get the doors on soon and painted before the fall rains commence. No pressure. ;)
I can't wait for my iron weed to do some tall growing. This is the first that has actually grown in my garden. I have planted seeds and then plants. This was my second and last try with plants. They finally took. It is only 4' tall this year. I don't mind. I love seeing it. Can't imagine 10' iron weed. I bet it is spectacular.

Sallysmom said...

We have not had one okra pod this year. The deer have snacked on them all summer.

Christopher C. NC said...

Not to worry Lisa, Hale Mini is moving right along. The door is next and painting will follow shortly. I can do the interior over the winter. There was only one or two ironweed here when I arrived. Then it began to self sow as I disturbed the ground. I think it prefers that to take hold. Then it is Iron Weed.

Sallysmom I think I am pretty lucky with the roadside vegetable garden because it is by the roadside. I think The Turnip Fields in the back forty will be a whole other matter. I got a big loud hint from a friend the other day. It takes an electric fence to grow fine produce deep in the woods.