Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Fine Produce

Green dominates the Great Lawn and surrounds, but there is a lot of color to be found in the Tall Flower Meadow and it is increasing by the day.

The Boneset has started to bloom.

The Downy Skullcap is quite showy. I sure hope it likes it here and multiplies. Last year I gathered the seeds and tossed them hither and yon. That will be repeated.

The flowers look like tadpoles to me.

The ground wasp digger found another one right by the entry to the roadside vegetable garden.

Yes, there is fine produce.

Okra has started to form in this past week of hot and dry. I see a small side dish ahead. And what is that I see? Two evenings in a row hopping among the fine produce. Damn Bunny!

This year's bumper crop is going to be Spaghetti Squash. Every year, minus the feral year, something goes bumper crop. I of course have no idea why this occurs. It just happens.

Strange things continue to come up in the roadside vegetable garden. The seed bank in my soil is chock full of past production.

Even my tidy vegetable gardening is a little on the wild side.

The trim work began on Hale Mini this afternoon.

It's not easy to hide bad framing, but it will be better with trim. Eventually I will forget about the flaws. Makes me appreciate the building contractor for Hale Mana all the more. He measured and measured some more and the level was placed up against every single important board. My house is rock solid.

Hale Mini is too. It just has some undulations.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

RABBITS!!! Awful. Blooms beautiful. I like spaghetti squash. It keeps for some time. I think everyone should have a vase of flowers to encourage them through a project.