Thursday, July 22, 2010

Buffalo On Speed

The four days in Buffalo were packed full botanically and architecturally. We only scratched the surface. It would be difficult to give everything we saw its full due. Not only was there so much to see, but the whole time was abuzz with garden blogger socializing. The next two posts will speed through the highlights and it will be time to move on.

Walking to Elizabeth's in the urban core for the first night's meet and greet on Thursday.

The first night's dinner at the 20th Century Club, the first women run, women's club in the United States, founded in 1894.

The Japanese garden in restoration at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society was on Friday's agenda.

There was a very large naked man across the highway from the Japanese garden that bisected this Olmsted designed park filled with many of Buffalo's museums. Now I wonder just what would happen if a live human stood there naked by the side of the highway.

The courtyard garden at our lunch destination, Rue Franklin.

The lovely Miss Carol of Maydreams in her natural habitat, a garden center, Urban Roots.

Parade Street across from another Olmsted park in Buffalo, the site of a block long, landscape makeover challenge for local landscape professionals that is part of Buffalo's National Garden Festival.

It was hard not to choose a favorite based on the house itself.

Happy hour in the garden of Gordon Ballard and Brian Olinski. Susan Harris of Garden Rant , ect. and Susan of the Bike Garden in Lubbock Texas discuss weighty garden matters.

Just down the block, Frank Lloyd Wright's Heath House.

Flowers at the garden, "Hope Blooms" at the AIDS Community Services building just around the corner from our hotel. I snuck that in while waiting for the bus to start Saturday's activities.

There's a lot more, but just one more post for Buffalo.


anna said...

The 'very large naked man' is a copy of David by Michelangelo.
Quite strange in a Japanese garden.. See In this article there is also a picture of the replica in Buffalo.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This reminds me that my Naked Ladies have begun to bloom.

Siria said... saw and did a lot in a short period of time! Looks lovely.

Pam/Digging said...

Nice photos, Christopher. You found some unique angles.

Lola said...

Great pics. One never tires of seeing gardens from other places.

Carol Michel said...

And I am wearing my "special occasion" gardening geek shirt, too! I did love that courtyard garden at Rue Franklin.