Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What Will It Be

A garden is so easy. Just plant more. Some things live and thrive. Some disappear or die. Editing removes the unwanted. Transplanting rearranges things. Pruning may keep things contained. It all works out somehow. And there is always next year.

Was this gathering of pink and white lilies planned? Not a chance. It just so happens that they bloomed together. Next year the blend of lilies blooming here could be completely different. I lost count of how many have already come and gone in this spot. Not once have I noted an element of discord, no matter what was blooming. It is so easy.

A new garden awaits its assignment of cast members. What will they be? There was also a suggestion for an old plow. The new garden needed another sculptural element.

An old plow is far to cliche'.

Then you need to make a piece of art for the new garden.

It just so happens I saw these most interesting shiny, hefty, long and thick, stainless steel rods at the new clients in a pile of rubbish. They definitely caught my eye. I'll check and see if they need to disappear with the rest of the collectibles scattered around the property.

I'm seeing the remnants of an ultra modern, black locust, barbed wire fence knock off.

The grout color choice was easy and the grouting has commenced. The bathroom floor is now in and grouted.

This time I did not go Bleck! New color choices for the interior have arrived.

I actually went, hmm, that is kind of nice. The orange is called Marigold from Eddie Bauer and is the choice for the main livingroom and kitchen. The green is Apple 5 from Laura Ashley and is the bathroom choice. Will the loft be yellow or blue?

If only growing a cabin was as easy.

I could leave all the materials out for the birds and the bees and next spring a gorgeous cabin would emerge. If only.


Kitty said...


Siria said...

I can't wait to see the new garden! And...those lillies are awesome! I think I need some of those. :-)

Christopher C. NC said...

:-) Back at ya Kitty

Siria that whole patch of lilies was planted last fall from a bulb order. The folks have been plotting their new garden for a week now. Planting could begin any time.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You would never have occasion to be sad with cheerful colors like these in your cabin.

Anonymous said...

There must be magic in that soil of yours.

Siria said...

I forgot to mention about the paint colors ~ I really like them! They are somewhat different from the others you had been looking at. I still think I like the sky blue for the loft. Maybe you should paint the living room first.

Cindy, MCOK said...

I'll be darned, all along what that room has needed is more color rather than muted tones. I'm thinking how bright and invigorating it will be on gray winter days. You're making me want to repaint some rooms here!

ryan said...

If only cabins could grow like a sunflower. Exactly. If I could just plant a stone, water it, and end up with a stone wall. I wouldn't even need to invent a rock stretcher.

I like the color scheme.